Rob Allen Warranty Submission



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Terms and Conditions for Rob Allen Speargun

WARNING: This speargun can cause permanent injury or death if used improperly, and should be treated accordingly. Please read all instructions before attempting to use your speargun.

1. The gun should not be armed until the hunting area is reached.
2. Swimming through rough water can be hazardous with an armed gun.
3. Always load the speargun completely submerged in the water.
4. This speargun is designed solely for underwater use. It may not function properly or safely if armed or fired anywhere but fully submerged in the water.
5. Before cocking the sling(s), check the shaft for proper engagement with the release mechanism in the gun grip. The safety must be in the “fire” position to allow engagement. Test by trying to pull the shaft out of the release mechanism without pulling the trigger.
6. Do not slam shaft into position as this can cause damage to the mechanism.
7. If shaft does not properly engage in mechanism or misfires, discontinue use immediately and contact Rob Allen Diving. (Toll Free: (877) WET SUIT. Trigger mechanisms may need to be replaced with excessive use.
8. Always keep the speargun pointed in a safe direction, downward away from people and away from solid objects less than a spear length away from the muzzle.
9. Once armed, carry the gun only by the handle. Do not grasp an armed gun by the barrel or sling.
10. Be certain of your target. Do not attempt to fire the gun in areas of limited visibility. When hunting in rocky areas, beware of misdirected or glancing shots.
11. Always disarm the gun before leaving the hunting area. Never bring a cocked gun out of the water.
12. The gun should only be disarmed engaging the safety and then disengaging the bands from the notch or tabs in the shaft.
13. After using in salt water thoroughly rinse with fresh water.
14. Frequently inspect sling(s) rubber for cracking, softening, abrasive wear, cuts or other forms for deterioration and replace early to prevent breakage.
15. Check the shooting line assembly frequently to assure that it is not frayed, excessively worn or cut, and that the rubber shock absorbing tube (not present on all models) is secured and has no deterioration and that all knots and splices are secure.

Rob Allen warrants that all components of this speargun are free from any defects in material or workmanship. If, within two years from purchase, these components should prove defective, please return the product to Rob Allen Diving. If we are unable to repair the product, we will replace it.

This warranty is valid only if the warranty card is completed and mailed or submitted online to Rob Allen Diving ( within 30days of purchasing this speargun.

The use of all spearfishing equipment carries inherent danger. Prior to using any Rob Allen product, you should determine the safety, suitability and fitness of the product(s) for their intended use. Rob Allen assumes no liability arising out of the use or misuse by the consumer. Please keep a copy of your serial number for your records.