Triton X USA

We’re here to keep you afloat with the latest and greatest Rob Allen dive equipment and news. For assistance with choosing the best neoprene wetsuit, long blade freediving fins, the speargun that is right for you or just asking if the day looks good for a freedive call.

Rob Allen USA History:

The history of Rob Allen in the USA begins with Mike Damms.  Being from South Africa, Mike moved to the USA and started Florida Freedivers, a dive shop in Florida, and introduced the Rob Allen product line to the US.

Time passed and Mike decided to retire.  The demand for Rob Allen increased throughout the USA and Triton X took over distribution in August of 2010.

Triton X Mission

The mission of Triton X is to serve all those who say “Thanks, but no tanks” with excellent customer service, exceptional knowledge and experience. Triton X provides a vast selection of the highest quality freediving and spearfishing equipment–the tried and the true and the most new and advanced.

We are dedicated to freedivers, freedive hunters, lobster and abalone divers, and freedive fanatics worldwide. We carry only the best freediving supplies and equipment made by the most reputable companies who designed them for you, our fellow freedive and spearfishing enthusiasts.

Bios: Greg & Vanessa Fonts

Greg Fonts

  • 2016 National Team Spearfishing Champion
  • Diver USA World Team Peru 2014
  • SSI Level 1 instructor
  • Trained with PFI, FII, AIDA, and SSI training groups.
  • International Experience: Zanzibar, Latham Island,South Africa, Mozambique, Bali, Nusa Lembonan, Banda Sea, Costa Rica, Peru, New Zealand , Baja Cortez and Pacific side
  • USA Experience: Hawaiian Islands, Alaska, California/Channel Islands, Louisiana/Gulf of Mex, Florida East and West Side, Florida keys and Marquesas, Rhode Island, Lake Mead



Vanessa Fonts

Tired of waiting for Greg on the shore, Vanessa began diving in 2003 and now enjoys long days of diving. With a B.S. in Marketing from Santa Clara University, CA, Vanessa is dedicated to promoting the sport and quality freediving products.  Vanessa is proof that you don’t have to be good at freediving and spearfishing to have a good time.

Security Team: Usal & Bandit Fonts



Usal Fonts

Usal is our resident Rottweiler.  He started working early in life, joining the team on March 15, 2009 at only 10 weeks old.  He is named after an Ab diving spot on the Northern California coast. This 115 lbs. ball of love is usually snoring but don’t be fooled his bark will make your heart stop