Rob Allen Roller Band

Rob Allen Roller Band Set



Product Description

Roller bands are pre-made in a kit, ready to use.

Band sets are sold by length of the gun, and include an easy-load bridle handle integrated into the wishbone to help in loading or controlled unloading.

It is recommended for roller guns 100cm and longer to use a Load Assist.

All sizes come standard with the easy-load bridle handle except on special request.

Without question the industry’s best rubber available.

Manufactured in the USA by Dip processing which means fewer additives are used, enhancing performance on your gun.

Colored outer layer increases protection from the environment and the amber inner core is purer for performance.

Additional Information


45cm for 70 Roller, 50cm for 80 Roller, 55cm for 90 Roller, 60cm for 100 Roller, 65cm for 110 Roller, 70cm for 120 Roller


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